Leak Detection

Infrared imaging is an effective technique in the detection of roof leaks and heat loss. It allows us to locate areas where heat is escaping which is where water will be entering.  Infrared images find moisture that has been trapped beneath the roof’s surface due to rips, deterioration, loosened flashing, improperly sealed seams, etc.  We usually use thermal imaging at dusk because the roof has cooled and the heat escaping from within the building will be more visible.  We use our thermal imager to measure the temperature of the roof’s surface.  After placing the temperatures into a grid, we can see what areas of the roof have the highest temperature differentials.  Water that is trapped in a roof system retains heat as the temperature cools.  The areas of the highest differentials are marked as suspect of water infiltration and we focus on those areas by performing core tests and a moisture meter to find the leaks.  If there’s a leak to be found, our highly-trained team of professionals will find it!

Infrared scans are also useful for the potential purchase of a building to detect any impending problems that would result in added expenses or to make sure a new roof has been installed and sealed correctly.  If you’re considering adding solar panels or other equipment to your roof, a thermal scan will let you know that your roof and its underlying layers are safe for installation.