Roof Resurfacing

Liquid Applied Roofs

A restoration of your roof through applications of a liquid coating might be the perfect solution if you don’t have the budget for a new roof.  They are a great way to prolong the life of your commercial roof.  They can be rolled or sprayed on and add an extra layer of protection against harsh weather or the sun beating down on them.  We choose to use silicone coatings because they stand up better to ultraviolet radiation and ponding water than acrylic ones which tend to break down under these conditions.

The Process

After we’ve assessed your roof to determine whether or not a roof coating is the right solution for your roof and have found your roof to be structurally sound, we perform moisture testing by using a thermal scan to make sure that no water is trapped within your roofing system.  We also perform a pre-qualification with the manufacturer to ensure that the job will be backed by the manufacturer’s warranty.

This type of restoration is not ideal for all roofs and we may recommend other retrofit options if you prefer to not replace the entire roof.

Our technicians are certified applicators for Gaco Western and have applied silicone roofs to many commercial properties in Missouri, providing them with long-lasting durable solutions for their roofing problems.  These applications are fully warrantied for 10, 15, or 20 years by Gaco Western.

Resurfacing your roof costs about a ⅓ of what it would cost to replace it entirely.  And because you’re not replacing the roof, you can take the full deduction on your taxes the first year for even more savings.


Once we’ve pre-qualified your roof for coating, we can begin the application.  We use a specialized Gaco Western cleaning solution and scrub your roof to clean away any dirt and grime.  We also use pressure washers to remove any ground in dirt.

After your roof has been thoroughly cleaned and dried, we apply a two-part epoxy primer.  When this has dried, we prepare all penetrations and any necessary seams for the installation of the silicone.  At this time, we can apply the slope with spray polyurethane foam behind curbs and roof-top units, and then we add fibered silicone to these areas and wait for it to dry completely.  We then begin installing the S2000 silicone to your desired thickness depending on the chosen warranty.  Installation is done by mils (1/100 of an inch).  For example, a 10-year warranty would consist of an application of silicone at 22 mils(dry mils).

Silicone may be sprayed or rolled, and we are trained to do both, however, when silicone is sprayed, it can travel through the wind for up to 100 yards without dissipating.  You can imagine the mess (and possible added cost) when sprayed on a building surrounded by parking lots and busy streets.  Because of this, we suggest the roll-on method which we have perfected and streamlined to keep costs low for our customers.  We pump all of our coatings to the rooftop using our specialized equipment which keeps our labor costs lower than our competitors’.  We also use all in-house, specially-trained labor for all of our silicone roof applications.  We do not farm it out to subcontractors.  This gives us better quality control, keeps costs down and allows us to ensure that the technicians doing the work meet our own strict standards of work and safety.