Roof Replacement

Unfortunately, roofs don’t last forever. Time and the elements take their toll, and your roof will reach the end of its life and be unable to be repaired anymore.  It’ll be time for a replacement roof.  RG Roofing has many quality roof systems available for installation and we are able to warranty most of them.  We ensure that all of our installations have the proper insulation as dictated by building codes.

Single Ply Roofs

Single ply roofing consists of one or several layers of insulation and one layer of membrane.  Single ply roofs are divided into two categories: Thermoplastic and Thermoset.  Thermoplastic roofs have no chemical cross-linking and have seams that are bonded together with hot air.  Thermoset roofs use principal polymers that have seams that are chemically cross-linked or cured with solvents and adhesives or pressure sensitive tapes.

We install our single ply roofs in one of three ways.

Mechanically Attached

Our mechanically attached systems are fastened to the roof deck with screws and plates made specifically for the membrane installed.  We often reinforce the fasteners in the corners and perimeter of the roof to meet the manufacturer’s specifications to meet warranty requirements.

Fully Adhered

Our fully adhered systems have insulation that is either adhered or mechanically attached to the roof deck.  The membrane is attached to the insulation by a bonding adhesive.


Our ballasted systems are built from loose laid insulation, loose laid membrane with reinforcement in the corners and angle change all covered by pavers or river rock.  The weight of the ballast is what holds the roof in place.

There are hybrid systems available; however, we prefer to stick to the 3 main attachment methods.

There are strategic advantages for any attachment of a single ply roof.  Some buildings are simply better off with one versus another.  Single ply roofing offers flexibility, they’re easier and cleaner to install and are competitively priced.  (If your project does not have an architect or a roof specifier, we will use our experience to assist in choosing the best fit for your building.)

All of our single ply systems come with an optional NDL (no dollar limit) warranty backed by the manufacturer.