Roof Inspection

Your roof is an important part of your building’s structure and provides protection from the elements for you and your employees so you should make sure it’s always in top shape.  You don’t have to wait until you see a leak before you have your roof inspected.  If your roof is old or you’ve experienced a harsh storm that has caused damage to surrounding buildings or trees, you should have your roof inspected for any damage before it turns into a major problem.  If minor damage is ignored, what could’ve been a small repair could eventually turn into a full roof replacement.

One of our certified roof inspectors will come to your property and perform a thorough inspection of your roof to diagnose any problems and provide solutions that will work with your budget.  Our inspection will include:

  • Photos of your roof including problem areas
  • Written assessment
  • Repair/replacement solutions
  • Estimates for insurance claims
  • Infrared photo/video highlighting areas where there be damage and leaks