Residential About

RG Roofing repairs and installs residential roofing including metal roofs of various colors and shingled roofs that come in a wide variety of styles to complement the color and design of your home.  Roofs today are not just a top for your house, they are beautiful and stylish and can really add curb appeal to your home.  

We treat every customer fairly and provide them with the best solution to fit their roofing issue and their budget.  A roof is probably the biggest investment that you’ll put into your home and we won’t try to pressure you into buying a full replacement when all you need is a simple repair.  We’re professional, dependable, honest, and we always do what’s best for our customers.

We also provide residential roof inspections.  If you’re purchasing a new home and want to determine if the roof is sound or if you’re facing a huge potential expense, a roof inspection will help.  Or if you experienced a heavy storm and there is existing damage in the trees and houses around your home, you should consider having your roof inspected for damage.  A small leak left unnoticed can turn into a bigger and more expensive problem down the road that if not dealt with in time, may not be covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy.