Preventative Maintenance

While you may think that once your new roof is installed you won’t have to do anything more for the next 20 years, this is not the case.  For your roof to last, you must take a proactive approach and regular maintenance needs to be done, and in fact, most warranties require specified routine maintenance.  With regular maintenance, your roof will last longer and you can avoid emergencies that could cause interior damage and lost productivity.  You may not even be aware that you have a leak, but a regular maintenance check could reveal a problem that could be repaired while it’s only a small issue which is less expensive to repair than a big problem or emergency situation.  When a problem with your roof goes unnoticed, you not only will be facing more expensive repairs, but you could be facing liability and safety issues as well.  

With our maintenance programs, we’ll ensure that your roof not only remains in top condition but that all maintenance is scheduled and performed thoroughly and according to strict manufacturer warranty guidelines.