Commercial Warranties

Roof Replacement Warranty

We offer 20-year warranties on our full roof replacements.  We are certified with Genslex, GAF, and Duralast.

Resurfacing Warranties

When choosing your resurfacing options, it’s important to consider its warranty.  The duration of the warranty is dependant on the thickness of the application; the thicker the application, the longer the manufacturer’s warranty will cover it.  Our resurfacing warranties are certified with Henry, Gaco Western, The Garland Company, and GAF.

 If we write a warranty for two years, it will cover parts/materials and labor.  Most companies only provide a workmanship warranty, we cover materials as well.  If you choose a 10-year warranty and you hold onto the building for 10 years, you can do an extension on it for 10 more years, provided we install more coating.  The second time around, not as much product is required, so it’s cheaper and is the best option if your company’s cash flow is a consideration.  

 We can also offer the warranties for up to 15 to 20 years for resurfacing procedures.


Our commercial applications are all backed by manufacturer warranty.  We have spent countless hours acquiring the certifications necessary.  Please review the manufacturer’s websites listed below.   Genslex, GAFDuralast, Henry, The Garland Company, and Gaco Western